An exhibition of abstract art at Domaine de Rocheville

Abstract art exhibition by Denis Charrier
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During the last quarter of 2021, the winery Domaine de Rocheville, near Saumur, is hosting an exhibition of abstract art by Denis Charrier.

A modern exhibition room near Saumur

Domaine de Rocheville, exhibitions come and go in different styles !

Since 2014, the large modern building that stands on the limestone plateau of Parnay, 10 km from Saumur, has been equipped with picture rails, at the initiative of Agnès Porché, to hang up to fifty works of art. 

Thus, the large glass room is an ideal place for wine tasting, seminars and also cultural events.

The white stone walls are perfect for bringing out the colour of the artworks and the bay windows allow you to browse the current exhibition while enjoying the view of the vineyards and the Parnay valley.

Since 2015, the winery has exhibited the paintings of Andrée de Frémont (2015), Estelle Séré (2018) and Denis Charrier (2020), as well as the photographs of Alain Fournier (2016), Odette Bocher (2019), Francis Deport (2020), Alain Campo Paysaa, Michèle Lepeintre and Philippe Siriot (2021)… Professionals and amateurs, local or from all over France, the artists are eclectic in their style, their themes, their techniques…

A series of abstract paintings

This is the second time that the Loire painter Denis Charrier has exhibited at Domaine de Rocheville. His first exhibition in Parnay, “Nom de Loire” (2020), included landscapes of the Loire Valley and paintings on the theme of the fauna, flora and traditions of our beautiful region (common terns, “Boule de fort”, snake’s head fritillary…).

This year he returns with a completely different style. Indeed, his new series of 21 contemporary paintings is entitled “Abstraction”. With its colours and geometric shapes, it is in perfect harmony with the winery’smodern architecture… and the colours of nature at the end of the year! 

Who is Denis Charrier ?

Denis Charrier was born in Saumur and started painting for leisure in the early 2000s. Thanks to Françoise Carraud, a teacher and painter from Saumur, he learned different techniques and enriched his know-how. Then one day, he tried oil painting and definitely adopted it. 

Today, he practices his passion in his attic, which he set up especially for painting, preferably while listening to music.

What is his favourite medium? Canvas on stretcher bars !

He even managed to find a binder that was as effective as turpentine, but environmentally friendly.

Abstract art inspired by everyday life

The artist draws inspiration from his surroundings, especially for his abstract works. His imagination is fed by his environment: a landscape, objects, and why not, an advertisement in a magazine…

“Whenever something catches my eye, I take a picture of it and paint it,” he says.

His paintings are entitled “Oxygène” (“Oxygen“), “Rêve Africain” (“African Dream“),” Tester et Doser” (“Test and measure“), “Fond de Cale” (“Bilge“), “Rêve Saumurois” (“Saumur Dream“)…  Using everyday objects, he creates colourful assemblages that transform reality.

“What I am trying to share in this theme is a simple and relaxing reading through works that are uncluttered and give free rein to one’s imagination,” explains Denis Charrier about the “Abstraction” exhibition.

This amateur artist, discreet but passionate, has already exhibited about ten times in the Saumur region. With family or friends, don’t miss the opportunity to discover his pictorial universe and why not, buy one of his paintings?

And of course, you can take advantage of your visit to taste the wines of the estate, which we will be happy to let you taste !

Practical information about the “Abstraction” exhibition

The exhibition can be seen at Domaine de Rocheville until Januray 3rd 2022.

Free admission

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.

Get more information by phone on +33 2 41 38 10 00.

You can find all the works of Denis Charrier :

-on his Facebook page

-on his blog

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