Festivities, Wine and Art: programme for an Epicurean Weekend near Saumur

Epicurean week-end, festivities, wine and art in the Loire Valley
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To prepare for the festive season, Domaine de Rocheville, in Maine et Loire, is hosting an Epicurean Weekend on 1 and 2 December. On the programme: gourmet tastings, special offers on the estate’s wines, a double art exhibition… to delight all your senses!

An Epicurean Weekend for art and wine lovers

With 17 hectares of vines, Domaine de Rocheville produces wines from two grape varieties that are emblematic of the Val-de-Loire vineyards : chenin blanc for still and sparkling white wines, and cabernet franc for red and rosé wines. 

With its eco-responsible winery and commitment to preserving biodiversity, the wines have been certified organic since 2019.

We combine modern tools with traditional vinification to get the best expression of our terroirs.

We welcome you at the winery to taste the different wines and discover the new vintages in the Crémant de Loire, Saumur Blanc, Saumur Rosé and Saumur Champigny appellations. These fruity, aromatic and elegant Loire wines, matured in stainless steel vats or oak barrels, are the perfect accompaniment to your festive meals !

Wine tasting : 1 dish, 1 wine and… 1 work of art !

During the Epicurean Week-end (first weekend of December), winemaker Philippe Porché and his team will be offering you the chance to taste the winery’s wines, paired with festive snacks made with local and artisanal products.

In our large glassed-in room with a breathtaking view of the Parnay valley, enjoy a convivial moment around a roaring fire. 

Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice on food and wine pairings, and for inspiration for your end-of-year meals !

It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the opening of the last art exhibition of the year at the winery : a colourful double exhibition of paintings.

Wine and art have one thing in common : they speak to our subconscious and transmit emotions to us. They can be complementary, and the combination of the two allows us to enjoy a complete sensory experience. 

During the wine tasting, you can try your hand at matching wine, food and artwork, an original way to awaken all your senses !

Expo Sev et Ewa 2023 2 1
Verre de SAumur blanc devant tableau Ewa

Special offers* for the festive season

This first weekend in December is the perfect opportunity to choose the wines that will accompany your end-of-year meals, or to find gifts for your loved ones at Christmas. It’s also an opportunity to take advantage of special, festive prices.

This year, as well as the special offers, Santa Claus is being generous… 

Take advantage of Rocheville’s Epicurean Weekend to take part in our competition and try to win a box of 3 bottles !

* offers valid on 1 and 2 December 2023 only

A double exhibition : “Winter in Colour”

During this epicurean weekend, you can preview the new art exhibition entitled “Winter in Colour”, on show from 1 December to 7 January. For this last exhibition of 2023, the Domaine de Rocheville is exhibiting the works of SEV and EWA. The white walls of the exhibition room are decked out in a thousand colours, with canvases brimming with life and joy to brighten up the winter gloom.

Who is SEV ?

Born in Paris to architect parents, SEV, whose real name is Séverine Colmet Daâge, fell into drawing at a very early age. 

A copywriter in advertising for many years, the artist belongs to the generation that gave life to the expression “the weight of words, the impact of photos”. This undoubtedly explains her taste for images after words and her desire to communicate in a different way.

Today, after a spell at the Art School in Versailles and a host of wonderful encounters, SEV continues to explore the immense potential of line drawing to tell stories, make people laugh, make them dream and make them think, with paper and pencil but also with today’s digital tools.

Passing on knowledge, sharing experience and meeting new people are values that she holds dear and that inspire her choices. This has led her to work in a wide variety of fields, including business and education. The artist’s initial training (a management school in Lille) and her status as a mother of a large family are a big help !

SEV’s personal research revolves around the theme of memory, the traces left by previous generations and how to appropriate them nowadays, whether in terms of places, objects, personalities, music… 

After criss-crossing the cafés and rooftops of Paris, the city of her birth and her heart, the artist explores the world of books and libraries. She loves to roam the woods, attics and forgotten places to unearth treasures full of meaning and stories, which often become her raw material.

SEV uses a variety of techniques to create a wide range of works, including drawing, watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings, paper and wire sculptures, photography and video.

Painting and music, a unique artistic combination

Born into a very musical family, and herself an amateur pianist and choir singer, Sev gives music a special place in her life. She even confesses that it is her second (or perhaps first?) passion after drawing.

So she has regularly sought to combine these two passions by trying to make the invisible magic of music visible, and this has given rise to a wide range of projects:

  • creation of a comic strip on the role of the conductor
  • a partnership with the Orchestre d’Ile de France and a secondary school for musical illustrations
  • partnership with Patrice Fontanarosa and Gersende Mondani (renowned violinists) for a musical boxed set of 12 watercolours illustrating 12 previously unpublished duets (scheduled for release in December)

En mille morceaux (In a thousand pieces) : watercolours on books and sheet music

The artist belongs to this generation between two worlds, the pre- and post-digital, and she has always sought to give a new role to essential objects found at the bottom of attics, often books and sheet music. She began a whole series of paper sculptures with old library books destined for the scrap heap, then with sheet music.

At Domaine de Rocheville, she is exhibiting watercolours painted on sheet music that belonged to her grandparents and that she found in the attic of their house in Sologne. She chose them not for their melodies but for their titles, which seemed particularly evocative to her: “Mireille, la Valse de l’hirondelle” (Mireille, The Swallow’s Waltz), “La Chanson du Matin” (The Morning Song), “Prélude du Déluge” (Prelude to the flood)… Some of his works are painted on books, such as Pascal’s Pensées, and are not devoid of humour and mischief.

Technique: watercolour and spontaneity

Watercolour (or ink) is one of her favourite techniques. Sev loves the spontaneity of the gestures it imposes, the unexpected that arises (for good or ill). On these old papers, this is even truer, because the absorption is sometimes very surprising and varied.

Technically, the approach is to highlight all the ‘smudges’ of the original watercolour drawing, by outlining in black ink all the different coloured sections, a bit like a stained-glass window, and also a bit like certain comic strip artists have done (Ligne Claire). Hence this very fragmented aspect.

During the exhibition, you can also admire other watercolours on white paper that pay tribute to music: “Gershwin, rhapsody in blue”, “Tchaikovsky: Violin concerto”, Vivaldi’s “4 seasons”…

Who is EWA ?

The other artist exhibiting at Rocheville at the end of the year has a very different style and history, but she plays with colour with great virtuosity.

Ewa Dziengielewicz was born in 1972 in Poland under the Communist regime. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she immigrated to Belgium and settled in Liège. There she studied photography, graduating from the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1995. The artist began her career as a photographer, but then discovered painting, one of her childhood dreams.

Her success was immediate, and she exhibited her work in Belgium and abroad. The painter opened her own gallery for a time. Now, after a dark period in her life, she is back with renewed strength and the desire to pass on her skills. She will once again be opening her own gallery and workshop.

Multiple techniques

Ewa explores a wide range of techniques : acrylic paint, oil paint, pencils, pastels, collage,… She adds matter by using different media. She also includes many hidden messages and texts in different languages : Polish, Russian, French and sometimes English.

Ewa’s brush guided by her emotions

The artist has never wanted to be trapped in a specific style. She expresses herself according to her emotions and moods, so the result can be explosively colourful or very grey and black. It’s easy to see her joys and sorrows reflected in her work. Her art can be raw or carefree, spontaneous like a child.

The painter explains : “Painting is the place where I escape and mingle emotions, vibrations and spontaneity“.

Ewa is an artist who gets bored quickly, and she expresses herself through unexpected creations that are always surprising and different from each other.

Expo Sev et Ewa 2023
Visiteurs expo Sev et Ewa

Epicurean weekend : practical information

Dates and times

Gourmet tastings : 1 December, 6-8pm and 2 December, 10am-6pm

Opening of the “Winter in colour” exhibition : 1 December, 6pm to 8pm

Free entrance to the exhibition from 1 December 2023 to 7 January 2024

During the winery’s opening hours, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm

How to get to Domaine de Rocheville ?

Domaine de Rocheville is a winery located in Parnay (49730) in the Maine-et-Loire department (49), 10 minutes’ drive from Saumur, one hour from Angers and 50 minutes from Tours.

Access is via the Route des Vins and then the Chemin de Béniquet.

The building is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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