Marie Tellig exhibits her colorful abstract art paintings in Parnay

Abstract art paintings exhibition by Marie Tellig
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Spring is arriving, bringing with it the urge to go out and discover the treasures around us.

At Domaine de Rocheville, the new Saumur wine vintages are waiting to be discovered alongside Marie Tellig’s colorful abstract art paintings. Don’t miss the first exhibition of the season!

Art and wine in the Saumur Champigny vineyards

Wine and abstract art paintings to celebrate spring

Domaine de Rocheville, located on the plateau of Parnay, near Saumur, boasts a 360° panoramic view. On one side, you can see the Saumur-Champigny vineyards, on the other, the view stretches across the Loire and its surroundings.

Since 2014, in addition to producing and selling artisanal organic wines, Rocheville has also played host to art galleries. The winery regularly exhibits the work of contemporary artists, both local (painters, photographers, illustrators, etc.) and from other regions of France or the world.

Its large glassed-in tasting room transforms into a bright exhibition hall, with its white stone walls enhancing a wide variety of artworks.

It’s the ideal environment for bridging the gap between art and wine. Throughout the year, you can discover art exhibitions of all kinds, ranging from abstract art paintings to photography, while tasting the estate’s wines and admiring the view from the panoramic terrace.

From glass to canvas: each with its own color

While our wines come in three colors (white for Saumur Blanc and Crémant de Loire, red for Saumur Champigny, rosé for Saumur Rosé and Pétillant Naturel), the abstract paintings explore all shades.

This is particularly the case with the works of artist-painter Marie Tellig. Her brush captures the colors of spring, dressing the walls of the exhibition hall in vibrant green, yellow, pink, and blue.

Tasting Rocheville’s wines while experiencing her exhibition is a double pleasure for the eyes, and of course, for the palate!

Marie Tellig’s Exhibition: a French artist passionate about colors

This exhibition is made possible thanks to the Maison-Gallery Le Cactus Bleu, an artistic partner of the Domaine de Rocheville since 2022.

Both a guesthouse and an art gallery located in Touraine, Le Cactus Bleu has previously exhibited several works by the artist.

Who is Marie Tellig ?

Marie Tellig is a contemporary artist originally from Indre, who now lives and works in Touraine.

From a young age, Marie was drawn to the arts and dreamed of becoming a stylist. 

However, she initially studied philosophy, then pursued careers in law, teaching, and real estate before returning to painting in a private studio in 2000.

Upon her teacher’s advice, she exhibited her paintings for the first time in Saint Cyr sur Loire in 2006.

The exhibition was well-received and was followed by many others, throughout the Loire valley, in Nevers, Paris, and even in Florida, in solo or group exhibitions.

What is Marie Tellig’s artistic technique?

Marie Tellig primarily defines herself as a colorist.

She has a clear preference for abstraction, which allows her to be guided by her emotions and paint spontaneously. However, depending on inspiration, she sometimes incorporates figurative elements (human, architectural, or even vegetal forms) into her paintings.

The artist practices mixed media, combining acrylic paint and oil pastels on canvas. She paints with brushes, palette knives, or even fingers, which brings relief and movement to her abstract art paintings.

Marie Tellig’s works: colorful abstract art paintings without titles

Marie Tellig’s exhibition at Domaine de Rocheville brings together around thirty modern paintings of various sizes. These range from larger abstract-style paintings of 100×80 cm to a set of three small square formats of 20×20 cm. The three small paintings, painted in blue tones, form a lovely triptych displayed in the estate’s shop.

Exposition peinture abstraite Marie Tellig au Domaine de Rocheville
Expo peinture abstraite Marie Tellig à Parnay
Triptyque tableaux asbtraits Marie Tellig dans boutique du domaine de Rocheville

On some, figurative elements are clearly recognizable: large stylized flower bouquets, a row of cabins, a forest, characters (a woman in a long dress, a masculine silhouette evoking a bullfighter) standing out against a multicolored background…

Other paintings are abstract works where colors mingle freely, without calculation, according to the artist’s emotions.

Marie Tellig considers art as a space of freedom offered to everyone. Her pictorial universe suggests and leaves the viewer free to interpret.

That’s why her canvases have no titles: feel free to imagine a title for each of her paintings!

Marie Tellig exhibition: where, when, how?

Exhibition dates: March 23 to May 4, 2024

Location: Domaine de Rocheville, Les Hauts de Valbrun, Chemin de Béniquet, 49730 Parnay (halfway between Saumur and Montsoreau)

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm

Free entry

Painting sale: Marie Tellig’s works exhibited at Domaine de Rocheville are available for purchase for those who wish to take a piece of her talent home!

Learn more about Domaine de Rocheville’s activities

Domaine de Rocheville: Independent winemaker, producer of organic Saumur Champigny

Enjoy your artistic outing to discover or rediscover our estate and our know-how.

You can taste our different ranges of organic wine (white, red, rosé, with or without bubbles), produced in an artisanal and eco-friendly way.

Discover also our seasonal novelties: Le Troubadour (Saumur Rosé) or Magic (Pétillant Naturel rosé), two light wines perfect for sunny days. They are eager to accompany you in the discovery of Marie Tellig’s abstract art paintings.

Petnat Magic et Saumur Rosé Le Troubadour devant tableau abstrait Marie Tellig

Cellar and Vineyard Tour in the Saumur region

Domaine de Rocheville offers year-round, by appointment, visits focused on wine production methods, cellar tours, as well as the vine cycle and biodiversity conservation in the vineyard. Tastings are also offered.

Rocheville: an art gallery near Saumur

Contemporary painting exhibitions have already been organized at Domaine de Rocheville.

To learn more about other abstract painters who have exhibited their works in Parnay, click on their names:

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